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Teqja Dervish Hatixhe

Spiritual Site Pilgrimage
Families in need
Spiritual Rituals

DH Foundation

Social Programs
Educational Programs
Heritage Library
Creative Albania and Saudi Arabia
Social and Education Research Center

DH Yoga Center

Daily Yoga and Meditation
Well being Programs
Transformational Programs
Discounted wellness programs for businesses

Pellazgian Institute

Research Center

LaunchPad Enterprises

Incubator Program
Submit an idea
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Teqja Dervish Hatixhe

Take a moment to pray, lit candles and connect spiritually in our 300 years old shrine, feeling the peace as a light veil falling through your being. We welcome people of all faiths. We are situated at the heart of Tirana, at Dervish Hatixhe Street nr.12.

Our opening hours:
Daily 7am – 7pm Our services:

Spiritual Site Pilgrimage

Our opening hours:
Daily 7am – 7pm


Families in need

Spiritual Rituals

Sufi chanting
Yoga Meditation Ceremonies

Join our efforts to support orphanages , families and homeless in Albania.

Due to Corona restrictions all our spiritual rituals and mediations are online. Please contact us anytime at: Whatapp +966535795231 | admin@dervishhatixhe.com

Dervish Hatixhe Foundation

  • Social Programs:
    • Domestic Violence Prevention Program
    • Women empowering and leadership
    • Gender Equity
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Homeless to Homeness
    • Silver house – Housing for the elders
  • Educational Programs: We believe in the continuous learning and growth of all ages
    • Career Center for all ages: Career Preparation, CV, Interviews, job search skills for youth, English
    • Leadership Training for current and future leaders
    • Project Management Training
    • Journey of Happiness
  • Parenting skills Education – Teachers Toolbox.
  • Personal Growth
  • Heritage Library:
    • Family reading activities
    • Curriculum development and materials
    • Book acquisitions
  • Community Support
  • Creativity Albania and Saudi Arabia:
    • Creativity and Innovation Forum to connect (words from Creative Oklahoma website)
    • Support for Albanian artists and cultural heritage
    • Creative Oklahoma wording
  • Social and Education Research Center

Dervish Hatixhe Yoga Center

DHYC was founded in March 2020 during the Corona Pandemics to support people with emotional, mental and physical health. We offer live daily yoga and meditation classes. In Our virtual Experience you will find ha large library of classes, you can choose from to practice on your own time. Register at dervixhhatixhe.com today for a live class with us.

The Sacred Temple of Dodona

The Wisdom of Pellazgians

The Pellazgian Institute is dedicated to research, learning, and celebration of Albanian history and culture. 

Research Center


Book Store

Bookstore of cultural books and Albanian Authors

LaunchPad Enterprises

Dedicated to connect the ideas, with the talent and investment

Incubator Program

Building Skillsets
Business Leader Mentorship


Connecting the skillset with the market needs and investment

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