Family, School, and Community Violence Prevention Program

This program would identify the prevalence of family, school, and community violence within the community of those who are accessing the DHF center with the intention of identifying those at-risk or experiencing violence and creating intervention programs to decrease violence. 

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Career Development Program

This program would support career preparation and development skills.  This program would include interventions for the development of hard and soft career skills, as well as network and collaboration development, and mentoring.
  • Career preparation/development classes on subjects such as: how to develop a CV/resume, job search skills, and interviewing skills.
  • A mentoring program that links individuals looking to build skills and looking for jobs with business leaders, businesses,
  • Networking opportunities in the form of events, fairs, etc.

Albanian Heritage Library Program

This program would create a small library that is linked to The Pellazgian Institute.  This library would serve to anchor those who attend to the longstanding Albanian heritage that has been lost due to political circumstances of the last 300 years.  This would include a physical library that would also have family-centered programs such as:
  • Children’s storytime
  • Simple reading and literacy workshops or programs for families
  • Family reading time
  • Family Reading Events
  • A heritage summer camp, children attend for a few hours a day for 1-2 weeks to do developmentally appropriate hands-on learning about Albanian history, culture, and society.

Education for Personal Growth Program

This program would support participants in personal growth and development.  Much like a life coaching model that helps the participants in their relationships, careers, day to day life.  This is done by clarifying goals, identifying obstacles that impede goal attainment, and developing tools and strategies to help participants reach their goals and overcome the obstacles.  Potential program approaches could include:
  • Access to Dervish Hatixhe Yoga Center which uses yoga and meditations for fitness and stress management, and as a personal transformational tool for development and growth
  • Orienting participants to tenants of Sufism that support personal growth and development and supporting access to information regarding these tenants and practices
  • Action-oriented mentoring- One on one support similar to a Life-Coaching model with classes/group programs for personal goal achievement.

Creativity Collaboration Program

This program would be implemented after the basics of the other programs have been implemented.  By linking business leaders, academics, students, and others, this program would create a think-tank of sorts to create innovative solutions to some of the program/theory issues that the other programs might have.  For example, there could be a funded 4-6 week summer program that has a Team Lead who supports 4 students.  This team would submit a proposal on a significant problem related to the program areas above and spend time problem solving and developing innovative solutions that could support program development.   This would support youth and the academic and business community in participatory community intervention development. 

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